Skit: Parable of the Sower

Parable of the Sower and the Seed

Luke 8:4-15

May 2, 2010

 (Presented by Youth at St. James)

Narrator 1(reading from Bible):  When a great crowd gathered and people from town after town came to him, Jesus said in a parable….

Narrator 2:  Wait a minute….a pair of what?

Narrator 1:  Not “a pair of” – a parable – a story!

Narrator 2:  Well that’s what I don’t get about the Bible.  Why doesn’t it just say “story” then?!!

Narrator 1:  I don’t know – maybe because by using big words it makes the readers in church look smart! 

Narrator 2:  Okay, so Jesus told a story….

Narrator 1:  Right… Once upon a time, a sower went out to sow his seed…

Narrator 2:  That’s a tongue twister!  A sower went out to sow his seed…was it a sunny Saturday during the season of spring?

Narrator 1:  I don’t know (looking at Bible)…it doesn’t say.

Narrator 2:  I’ll bet his name was Stan!  Stan the sower went out to sow his seed on a sunny Saturday during the season of spring!

Narrator 1 (frustrated):  Okay, if you insist, we’ll call him Stan.  May I continue now?

Narrator 2:  Go ahead! I’m just trying to understand what happened!

Narrator 1:  As Stan sowed, some fell on the path and was trampled on.

            (Stan sows on the path.  Group of kids go trample on all the seed loudly in front of “Summer” side of pews.)

Narrator 2:  Well that was pretty silly of Stan!  Even I would know not to throw seed on a road!  Look what happened!

Narrator 1:  That’s not all!  Then some birds came and ate it up.

            (Kids dressed as birds come and collect all the seed)


Narrator 2:  (Looks to Stan) What a waste of seed Stan!  So that was it?  He threw seed and nothing happened?

Narrator 1:  The story isn’t over yet!  Some of the seed fell on the rock.

            (Stan throws seed on rock in front of “Fall” side of pews.)


Narrator 2:  Stan needs better aim!  Okay Stan, let’s practice  (Takes out ball and throws it to Stan; Stan throws it wildly)  See what I mean?  So, Stan’s never going to play for the Red Sox….maybe he has a chance with the Orioles though!

Narrator 1:  I don’t think Jesus was worried if Stan would play for the Red Sox or the Orioles.

Narrator 2:  Well I’d be worried!  Stan wants to win the World Series doesn’t he?

Narrator 1:  (angrily)  No!  Stan just wants to throw seed! 

Narrator 2:  Well what happened with the stuff that landed on the rock?

Narrator 1:  It started to grow but then died because it didn’t have water.

Narrator 2:  So let me guess – Stan left the seed sowing that spring and went into sales?  At Sears maybe?

Narrator 1:  No – Stan just kept sowing seed.  (impatiently) Listen!  Some seed fell on thorns.

Narrator 2:  What happened there? 

Narrator 1:  The seed grew but the thorns also grew and choked it.

            (Stan throws seed on thorns in front of “Winter” side of pews; kids pretend to choke)


Narrator 2:  Looks rather dangerous….So we don’t have anything that came out of the seeds yet, huh?  What kind of seeds was Stan trying to plant anyway?  Spinach?  Squash?  Soybeans?  You know I have a great recipe for Spinach Soufflé!

Narrator 1:  I don’t know what kind of seeds they were – and it doesn’t matter!  It’s a story!

Narrator 2:  Well I was just trying to say that poor Stan needs to find a new way to make a living or he’ll starve!

Narrator 1:  Well, he didn’t starve.  Because then Stan sowed some seed into good soil.

Narrator 2:  It’s about time!  Did it produce anything?

Narrator 1:  You betcha! It produced lots and lots!  A hundred times normal!

            (Kids stand and stretch arms as tall as possible)

Narrator 2:  Stan must’ve mixed some Miracle Grow in there too!  So why did Jesus tell this story anyway?

Narrator 1:  The disciples asked Jesus the same question.  They asked him what this story meant.

Narrator 2:  And he said what???

Narrator 1:  He said the seed is the Word of God.

Narrator 2:  So it’s not Spinach? or Squash?  or Soybeans?  How disappointing!  I was really looking forward to that Spinach Soufflé!

Narrator 1:  I don’t think Jesus cared about whether or not Stan ate some Spinach Soufflé!

Narrator 2:  If he had my recipe, he would have wanted Stan to eat some!  Yum, yum!  That’s good stuff!  (rubs belly)

Narrator 1:  No – Jesus says the seed is the Word of God.  Sometimes what God says falls on the ears of people who are like the path.  The birds are like the devil who comes and takes it away so that they don’t believe what they hear from God.

(Stan throws seed on the path; kid dressed as devil comes and takes it away.)


Narrator 2:  Oh I get it!  Sometimes people hear the words but don’t really believe because they’re listening to other things.  It’s kind of like when I’ve got my iPod on (puts on iPod and hums/dances to music)……


Narrator 1:  (trying to get attention of Narrator 1)  Hello!!  (louder)  Hello!!!!!!

Narrator 2:  Were you saying something?  I didn’t really hear you – I was listening to my iPod!

Narrator 1:  Exactly!  Sometimes people tune God out too.

Narrator 2:  So what did Jesus say about the seed that fell on the rock?

Narrator 1:  Those are the people who hear the Word of God and are happy for a little bit, but then something bad happens  – they’re tested – and they fall away.

Narrator 2:  So it was kind of like when I thought this was a really good story because we were going to get some Spinach Soufflé and then I stopped listening because it doesn’t seem there’s any food after all?

Narrator 1:  (hesitantly)  Kind of, I guess….  I think it’s when we hear about how much God loves us and we’re really really happy  – and then someone we know gets really really sick and we wonder if God loves us after all! 

Narrator 2:  Yeah – if God loves us, then shouldn’t only good things happen to us?

Narrator 1:  That’s not what the Bible says!

Narrator 2:  So tell me about the seed that fell on the thorns and then choked.  That’s about the Orioles again isn’t it?  (Mimics choking)

Narrator 1:  No – that’s about us!  That’s about when we hear the Word of God but get so busy doing other things that we don’t act on it!

Narrator 2:  What do you mean?  Us?  Too busy??  Oh!  Hold on a minute – I just got a call from my mom.  (Pulls out cell phone and pretends to listen).  Yeah Mom – can you pick me up after soccer practice? …. Well maybe you could just leave grandma at her doctor’s appointment.   Then you could drive to Giant to pick up the groceries (don’t forget some Snapple!) and swing by the high school to get me…..  Oh… Grandma?  Can’t she take the bus home? 

Narrator 1:  (shaking head)  That’s it!  We get too busy!

Narrator 2:  Well I keep telling my mom that if I had my own car things would be a lot easier! 

Narrator 1:  That’s not the point.  The point is that we don’t have time for God.  We’re so busy with our own lives, we skip out on God.

Narrator 2:  So who has the good soil…the one with the Miracle Grow? 

Narrator 1:  Those are the people who hear what God says, who take it to heart, and then act on it. 

            (Stan throws seed on good soil – in front of “Spring” side of pews.)

Narrator 2:  I don’t know if I know any of them….!

Narrator 1:  Sure you do!  They’re the ones who know that God loves them and then try to live it out in the world.  There was a girl in my class who went to work camp last summer to help people fix up their houses.

Narrator 2:  I guess I do know people like that.  A friend of mine told me that she helps out at the Lutheran Home.

Narrator 1:  Another person in my class is a really good listener.  He doesn’t make fun of people.

Narrator 2:  So how is that like producing lots and lots of fruit — 100 times normal?

Narrator 1:  Well, after that one girl helped those people with the houses, I’ll bet that the people living in the houses felt God’s love too – and then they helped even more people!

Narrator 2:  And maybe the kids at the Lutheran Home made all those older people smile – and the staff too!

Narrator 1:  And that boy in my class who’s a good listener – lots of people trust him.  They know he’s a good guy.

Narrator 2:  It keeps growing and growing and growing and growing! It is like Miracle Grow!  But it seems like Stan sure wasted a lot of seed on the path, the rock, and in the thorns in the meantime!

Narrator 1:  I guess God just throws out the seed – all over – and waits for it to land on the place where it will grow!

Narrator 2: (shaking head) Wasteful God!

Narrator 1:  Generous God!  Now let’s sow some seed!  I wonder where it will land??

(Kids hand out seeds (Bible verse John 3:16) in congregation)


8 thoughts on “Skit: Parable of the Sower

  1. Pastor Jeanette, this skit is so wonderful! I’m a parish youth minister and was looking for a skit on the topic of the parable of the sower to use on an upcoming retreat day that I’m planning. Would we be able to use this one?

  2. This puts the parable on a level which gives children a greater understanding of the biblical context. May I use this with my youth?

    Doris N. Love

  3. I was looking for a skit on the sower and the seeds for a Lutheran Spring Rally for women. This works perfectly. Can I use it? Darlene

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