Ollie the Ox – Waiting

Children’s Message

Advent 1 – November 28, 2010

There was an ox whose name was Ollie.  He lived with an innkeeper.  Ollie was very strong.  He had some very important work to do for the innkeeper – he pulled the plow; he pushed the water wheel.

One day, however, Ollie hurt his foot.  He wasn’t able to pull the plow or push the water wheel anymore!  The innkeeper thought that if Ollie couldn’t work on the farm, he’d have to give him away.

The innkeeper’s son heard that Ollie might be given away and he was very sad!  He loved Ollie!  He didn’t want Ollie to be given away!

So he said to his father, “Please!  Wait for awhile!  Ollie’s foot might get better and he’ll be able to work again!”

The innkeeper listened to what his son said and agreed.  He said, “Okay, we’ll put Ollie in the stable and wait and see what happens over the winter.  If Ollie’s foot gets better, then we won’t give him away.”

So Ollie went to live that winter in the stable, waiting to see if his foot would get better.

Neither Ollie, the innkeeper, or the innkeeper’s son knew what would happen that winter.  They were waiting for something even more important to happen in the stable!

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