Hansel and Gretel the Goats – Hoping

Children’s Message

Have you heard the story of the goats in the stable?

Well, their names are Hansel and Gretel.  Hansel and Gretel were brother and sister.  They loved to run and play with each other.  They played tag and hide -n- seek and lots of other games.

One day, Hansel and Gretel were outside running around as usual.  They were having such a good time, that they didn’t notice that it was getting dark – and darker and darker.

All of a sudden they looked around and they couldn’t see their yard any more!  They couldn’t see the fig tree that gave them shade from the hot sun during the day.  And they couldn’t see their mom or dad anymore!  They were lost!

They weren’t sure what to do…  They were getting scared.  When they looked around, they did see some buildings – it was the town of Bethlehem.

So Hansel and Gretel decided to go to the town and ask some of the people there if they could help them find their mom and dad.

First they saw a shopkeeper.  They asked him, “Have you seen our mom and dad?”  He shook his head, “No I haven’t seen them.”

Next they went to an old woman who was sweeping out her house.  “Do you know where our mom and dad are?”  “No!  Shoo!,” she said.

Finally they went to the innkeeper.  They asked him, “Have you seen our mom and dad?”  “No I haven’t,” he said, “but I can help you.  Why don’t you rest in my stable.  Then when your mom and dad come looking for you, I’ll tell them where you are.”

So Hansel and Gretel went to the innkeeper’s stable where they hoped that their mom and dad would arrive soon!

(Now in our stable we have Ollie the Ox waiting… and Hansel and Gretel hoping….)

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