Dora the Donkey – Wondering

Children’s Message – Dora the Donkey – Wondering

Advent 4A

December 19, 3010


We have a new animal in the stable – Dora the Donkey.


Dora is a very special donkey…let me tell you her story.


One day, Dora was having a bad day..


Have you ever had a bad day?

It was a particularly bad day for Dora.

Everything was going wrong!

  • She woke up late and so missed breakfast
  • And then she was running and she tripped and scraped her knee
  • And then she forgot to bring along her favorite blanket and it was cold outside!


It was a very bad day.

By the time she got back home at the end of the day she was tired and grumpy.  She was looking forward to a good rest!


But then a man named Joseph came into the barn.  He said he had a very important job  – and he looked right at Dora!


He said he and his wife needed to go to Bethlehem and they needed a donkey to help.  But it couldn’t be just any donkey – no! – it needed to be a donkey who was sure-footed and steady, one which wouldn’t mind the cold weather, and most importantly, one which would be very very careful – because his wife Mary would be riding on her – and she was about to have a baby!  And this baby would be very special – the baby would be a gift to the whole world!!


What do you think Dora did?

Dora forgot all about her bad day!  She forgot all about the fact that she was hungry and tired and her knee still hurt!  She said that she would be willing to carry Mary!


Joseph asked Dora, “Are you sure?”


Dora said, “Yes!”


Joseph said okay then!  And the three of them – Joseph, Mary and Dora made the trip to Bethlehem.


When they got to Bethlehem it was crowded – there were people everywhere!


While Joseph and Mary talked to the Innkeeper, Dora went to the stable.  It seemed to take Mary and Joseph a long time, so she started to think….and she started to wonder….  Dora wondered, “I wonder what’s so special about this baby?  I wonder why Joseph said this baby will be a gift to the whole world?

So we leave Dora the Donkey – wondering.


And Ollie the Ox – waiting

And Hansel and Gretel the Goats – hoping

And Earl the sheep – watching



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