The Story: Introducing the Story

Today we began a Bible Introduction Class at St. James.We’ll be offering it twice a week – Wednesdays at Noon or Sundays at 6:30pm.

On our blog we’ll invite a wider conversation by posing questions from the study.

So here’s today’s question!  What book or story has been powerful, even life-changing for you?  Why?

It doesn’t have to be a Bible story – maybe it’s a story you read in school, or a fairy tale you had told to you over and over again!

Join the conversation!


3 thoughts on “The Story: Introducing the Story

  1. The book that touched me the most at a very early age was easily THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK. As a child who was forced to grow up too fast, The Adams County Library was not only my sanctuary but it was also my refuge. Thus I remember reading THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK the summer I was going from 1st grade into 2nd grade. This book gave me the epiphany that God wanted me to compassionately speak for those who are unable to speak for themselves–something I too often have an easier time of doing for others than I do for myself. That summer this book also gave me my only line of hope in a hopeless and dark situation and also helped to reinforce within me that there really is a God, and one who will love me and help me–even when it seemed as though no one else would be able to.

  2. I’d say one life-changing book for me was Henri Nouwen’s, “Return of the Prodigal Son.” In the book, he uses Rembrandt’s painting of the prodigal son to reflect on how each of us may find ourselves in the story.

    I think it was the first time I thought about placing myself into the biblical story – it’s a way I have enjoyed engaging with Scripture ever since.

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