Pr. Sam’s Personal Story of Malaria: Part I


MALARIA –WE CAN STOP ITS DEADLY AND DESTRUCTIVE POWER IF WE FOLLOW GODS’ WILL        Malaria the scourge that comes back frequently and regularly

This is the story of how malaria was a scourge to my family in India. Malaria caused suffering and change to six of my family members while we were serving in India from 1921 t0 1981.

The first one to be affected was my father,. Augie Schmitthenner. During his second term of service in India our family was called to serve in a rural forested territory which the Government had labeled Agency area.  These were large hilly lands had always been inhabited by tribals. Due to the dangerously high rate of Malaria, people from the coastal plain were fearful of going there and went mostly to trade and then go back on  a safe home in the plains.  Then there was no complete cure for malaria.  The fever was treated with Quinine. After the fever subsided doctor would say, “You are better now and probably will be for a few months. To avoid new mosquitos’ infection, use netsets for each one in the family, prevention is better than a cure.”  Dad liked his weight to be 220.  He would pat his tummy, and say, “I have this reserve for when malaria strikes.”

He would lose 20 + lbs without growing too weak.

The scientists have discovered that malaria germs hide in the spleen but they could not find a cure to get rid of it once and for all until World War 2. Mosqito nets were considered the best preventative.



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