Pr. Sam’s Story of Malaria: Part II

Katherine Marie, was born in Rajahmundry, India 1933.  Our Little sister was not healthy.  We took special care of her trying to make her comfortable and cheerful.  In the summer of 1936 while the family was on vacation at Kodaikanal, Katherine came down with very high fever and suffered greatly from chills, and fear. Fortunately our mission doctor was vacationing in the same mission compound and was able treat her in time and she survived that May’s attack of fever. Later it was thought to be malaria. Now Kodaikanal was considered a health resort as it was above the elevation where malaria mosquitoes could breed. How could this happen?  Remember, before a cure was discovered Malaria would hide out in the spleen of the patients months or years, then suddenly break out.   Probably, she Katherine had been bitten before she left Yeleswaram with mother and dad.

A few days before Christmas, 1936, Katherine woke up crying with severe fever and chills.  AS soon as Mom and Dad realized her condition they made arrangements for one of the congregation members to take caré of us kids, Jerry, Fritz and Sam, and left for, Rajahmundry. Katherine died that very night.

Very early the next morning Father came back to tell us the sad news and to take us to the funeral. We dressed in silence and sorrow. It was the first death of anyone I knew and loved, I was five years old. It was the saddest day of my childhood.  From then on I have looked upon malaria and one of Satan’s cruelest weapons. The funeral was actually very comforting. We sang Katherine’s good night song, her favorite hymn no 472- Common Service Book.

Now the light has gone away;   Savior Listen while I pray;                                                                                                       Asking thee to watch and keep; and to send me quiet sleep.”

Jesus Savior wash away;  All that has been wrong today;                                                                                     O take me and all I love; to Thy happy home above.



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