Pr. Sam’s Story of Malaria: Part III

My fother Fritz was the next to suffer from malaria.  In May of 1943 He graduated from high school in Kodaikanal, but could not secure a ticket to take the journey to America as the seas were “filled” with submarine.  He and his friend Johnny Schaeffer decided to begin college studies at Andhra Christian College, Guntur. Fritz was at the peak of his good health.  He stayed with a missionary family in Guntur.  Then Malaria hit hard. Without asking for help he biked to the Kugler hospital, and was given the medicine he needed (Quinine) He remembers being in bed at least a week until the fever and weakness subsided.

Fritz and John Schaeffer were able to secure passage on an army transport to return to the States in April of 1944.  He was drafted very soon after he set foot in America. Fritz Joined  the infantry and later  was engaged in the campaign to retake the Philippines. There malaria struck him again. By that time other medicines had been developed, and Attabrin was one of the medicines they gave to Fritz, along with Quinine. The malaria came back several times.  He mustered out of the army and came to Gettysburg College in 1947; He joined the soccer team and was doing great on the varsity until he was struck by malaria again.  He stayed on the squad but didn’t have as much strength and not enough playing time.  He concentrated more on his studies. Good thing- he took his PhD studies and degree in Botany at Ohio State and had a wonderful career helpful to the whole world’s production of soya beans.  His is one cure of malaria that stayed cured.



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