Pr. Sam’s Story of Malaria: Part V

mAbout 15 years later, The fifth member of our family to be surprised by the cruel malaria was my son Hans. He, and the older son Bill and I had been hiking and hunting in deep valleys  three thousand feet elevation below our Kodaikanal vacation spot. We had all kinds of insect bites, but never thought about the possibility of malaria. At the end of May vacation the children went back to school and I went to join my  parish in Yeleswaram (the same place where mother and Dad hadserved the Lord and raised a family of 5 children.  In 1938 my sister Molly was born and we rejoiced that we had a sister again after losing Katherine Marie.)

I received an Express mail from Ruth in Kodaikanal telling of how sick Hans was.  No one even had thought of Malaria and they were treating him with aspirin and other fever medicines. At times he had seizures and they found it hard work to constrain him. Then it came to me that this was another case of malaria contacted in another area where malaria was plentiful and that probably Hans had plenty of bites  in  the deep lower altitude forest.  I sent a telegram, “Test and Treat for Malaria.”  They did and the 16 year old Hans was cured and that too,  once and for all.


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