Ezekiel and Dry Bones Skit

Ezekiel and Dry Bones Skit

Ezekiel 37:1-14

April 10, 2011


Lights go down. Eerie music in background.

Ezekiel wanders into the worship space, looking around.

Ezekiel:  Wow! I’m not sure I like this valley!  It sure is creepy!  There are bones – dry bones — all around here!  Look – there’s a leg!  And there’s an arm!  It looks like a skull over there! Yuck!


The Lord:   (in a booming voice offstage)  Mortal!


Ezekiel:  (hesitantly, looking around to see who’s talking)  Y-y-y-yes?


The Lord:  Can these bones live?


Ezekiel:  (to himself):  Can bones come alive?  I don’t think so!  At least only in the movies!  (thinking it over) And yet that’s the Lord talking.  The Lord does things that seem impossible!


The Lord: (a little louder)   Can these bones live?


Ezekiel:  (to The Lord)  O Lord God, you know!


The Lord:  Talk to these bones.


Ezekiel:  Talk to these bones??  What would I say to them?  They don’t really look interested in conversation!


The Lord:  Say to them, “Hear the word of the Lord.”


Ezekiel:  And then what?


The Lord:  Say, “I the Lord God will make breath enter you, and you shall live.  I will put tendons and ligaments on you and will cover you with skin.  You shall live!  Then you shall know that I am the Lord.”


Ezekiel:  (looking around)  I hope no one is watching me talking to bones!  Okay, here goes…Hey bones!  Listen up!  All of you!   Hear the word of the Lord!  The Lord God will put tendons and ligaments on you and will cover you with skin.  You shall live!

Okay I did it!  Now I’ve got to get out of here!  This place is giving me the creeps!


Ezekiel starts to leave worship space.

Then noise starts – rattling, bones knocking together – bones start to stand up slowly.

Ezekiel:  (turns back)  What’s that noise?  Hey what’s happening?!  The bones – they’re moving!


The bones start to come together.

Ezekiel:  They have tendons and ligaments!  Wait – now they’re even being covered with skin!  This is amazing!  How is it possible?


The bones are together, but kneeling and motionless like statues.


The Lord:  You haven’t finished!


Ezekiel:  What do you mean?


The Lord:  You didn’t tell them everything!  Tell the breath to come – breath from the 4 winds – tell it to come and breathe upon them.


Ezekiel:  Well I guess it worked before….(calling out) Oh Breath!  Breath, the Lord is commanding you!  (turns to the left)  Breath from the south – come here to these bones!  (turns to the right)  Breath from the north – come here to these bones!  (turns backwards)  Breath from the east – come here to these bones!  (turns forward)  Breath from the west – come here to these bones!


Bones connect to each other.

Hallelujah chorus plays.

The Lord:  What do you think?


Ezekiel:  It’s pretty amazing!  But I don’t understand…why did you make these bones come to life?


The Lord:  Mortal, mortal, mortal!  These bones are the people of Israel.


Ezekiel:  The people of Israel are very discouraged now…  They’ve been defeated in battle and sent away to live in faraway places.


The Lord:  They are like bones – dry bones.  They are cut off from each other.  They have lost all hope.  But I am listening to them.  I am watching over them.  Talk to them.


Ezekiel:  Talk to the people of Israel?  What could I say that would help?


The Lord:  Say, “I the Lord God am going to open your graves and bring you up from your graves.  I will bring you back to the land of Israel.  You shall live!  And then you will know that I am the Lord.”


Ezekiel:  The Lord God has not forgotten his people!  The Lord God has not forgotten us!  The Lord God does the impossible!  The Lord brings life and breath when things seem as dry and dead as bones!  The Lord brings hope when things seem hopeless!


The Lord:  I the Lord have spoken and I will act.


Ezekiel:  Thanks be to God! Amen.




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