Skit: The Road to Emmaus

Scene: The Apostles are gathered in the right rear corner of the Nave.  The women enter through the side door near the organ pipes.  They move in silence toward the tomb, carrying the pots of spices

Narrator:  It was dawn on the Sunday after Christ had been crucified and laid to rest in His tomb. The first rays of sunlight spilled over the horizon like light through a stained-glass window.  A group of women, who loved Christ in life, walked silently in shadows to anoint his body with spices for burial. There had not been time for this before He was placed in the tomb. Arriving at the tomb, they found that the stone had been rolled away.  They went in only to find that the tomb was empty.  Suddenly two men in “dazzling clothes” appeared beside them making amazing claims…the kinds of claims that you just cannot believe. Later that day, two of the Apostles were making the seven mile journey from Jerusalem to a place called Emmaus.

Cleopas: Can you believe those women? After all we’ve been through in these last few days! We’ve barely had a moment to grieve and they come at us with this story.  Are they out of their minds?

Apsotle 1:  I will never understand some people.  They’ve got to have rocks in their heads! I’m not sure if I should be angry or feel sorry for them.  Without Jesus, I’m not sure how to feel anything at all.

Freeze frame!


Narrator: All of their questions would soon be answered.  As they walked, a man they thought was a stranger joined their conversation.  At least, they should have known His voice but perhaps their grief over His death clouded their minds and hearts. Maybe it was simply that the stranger did not was not ready for them to realize who walked with them again.

Jesus, seated near the end of a pew with his hood up, rises and speaks.


Jesus: What’s this you two are discussing on your long walk?

They stop and turn toward Jesus.


Cleopas: You’ve got to be kidding! Have you had your head buried in the sand? Are you the only stranger in Jerusalem who has no idea of what’s happened there the last few days?

Jesus: What’s happened?


Cleopas: The things that have happened to Jesus from Nazareth. He was a prophet.  He did amazing things!  His Word was so powerful you felt every syllable.  He was truly a man blessed by God and all the people loved Him, but our chief priests and leaders betrayed Him. They chained Him in the night and handed Him over to be crucified! (He points to the cross in the stained glass window…Calvary.)

Cleopas turns his back to Jesus, hangs his head and covers his face in sorrow at his own words. Apostles 1 pats Cleopas’ shoulder and turns to speak to Jesus.


Apostle 1: We hoped that He would be the One to redeem us. It has only been three days since all of this happened. To add to it all, some women from our group have everyone stirred up. They went to Jesus’ tomb early this morning and came back yammering on about Jesus’ body being missing and angels telling them that He was alive again!

Cleopas: Some of our friends went to the tomb and found it empty, but they didn’t see Jesus or angels or pink elephants with purple polka dots for that matter.  They didn’t see anything at all.  It’s crazy talk!

Jesus places his arms on the shoulders of the two apostles and begins to walk, saying…

Jesus: Wow, you guys are thick-headed! How slow of heart that you can’t simply believe what the prophets have said! Don’t you see that these things had to happen? The Messiah had to suffer these things before entering into His glory.

Freeze Frame!


Narrator: Then beginning with Moses and all the prophets, He interpreted to them the things about himself in all the scriptures.  Soon enough they neared their destination.  Jesus walked ahead as if He were continuing on His way.

Cleopas:  Hey! Where are you going?

Apostle 1: Why don’t you stay with us?

Cleopas: Come on! We insist.  Have dinner with us.  After all it will be getting dark soon.

The three of them walk to the edge of the altar riser and sit down. There is a bowl of water for washing and a towel. There is also bread in a basket and a cup.  Cleopas and the other Apostle sit talking quietly.  Jesus picks up the bread.


Jesus: (breaking the bread as he speaks.)  This is my body broken for you… (gives the bread to Cleopas and the other Apostle)

The two look on in astonishment, realizing that it has been Christ who walked with them on the road to Emmaus.


Freeze Frame!


Narrator: It was suddenly revealed to Cleopas and his traveling companion that the story the women told them had to be true. It was Jesus who met them on the road that day.  He was alive!


Apostle 1: Could it really have been him?

Cleopas: Didn’t you feel it?  I felt on fire as He spoke to us on the road!  The way he spoke of the scripture to us!  How could it not have been Jesus?!  We have got to tell the others!  Those women aren’t crazy!

The two run out the rear door on the left side of the Nave.


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