Trinity Skit

Trinity A Skit

Genesis 1:1-2:4a

2 Corinthians 13:11-13

Matthew 28:16-20


God:  In the beginning, I…


Jesus:  You, what?


God:  I created… you know, the heavens and the earth.


Holy Spirit:  Don’t you mean “we”?


God:  That’s what I hate about Trinity Sunday – it’s so confusing!  One God, three persons.  Of course you were there too – both of you.  But when we talk about God the Creator, we’re talking about me – that part of me – that part of us –  which created once a long time ago and which still creates.

Jesus:  I have a question for you…why in the world did you create mosquitoes?


God:  (laughs)  I have my reasons!


Holy Spirit:  How about the platypus?  Or the great sea creature the Leviathan?


God:  Don’t you remember the psalm?  I created the Leviathan for the sport of it!  It makes me laugh!  Everything I created, I created good.  Very good.


Jesus:  Even mosquitoes I guess…  But there are people in the world who don’t seem very good.  How do we make sense of the fact that you created them good?


God:  I made them good.  But I also gave them free will – and people with free will turn away from the good sometimes – actually all of the time!


Holy Spirit:  Isn’t that the truth!  I am that part of the Trinity which guides and gives humanity its conscience.  Yet, all of the time, people listen to others rather than me.  Or they listen to themselves and their own thoughts and desires rather than trying to work for the good of others and our world.


God:  (laughs)  Yep!  That’s how I made them!  I made people good and then let them make choices!  And they always choose themselves.  Every time! Gotta love them! (laughs some more)


Jesus:  It doesn’t seem to bother you very much!


God:  It’s all part of being human.  I love them all just the way they are – bad choices and everything.


Jesus:  And yet that’s why I came down to earth – to show people that we love them just as they are, but that’s not how we want them to stay!


Holy Spirit:  We want them to be changed, to be transformed.  To live life really like they’re loved!


Jesus:  Freedom!  That’s what it’s all about!


Holy Spirit:  Freedom to stop worrying about whether or not they’re accepted!


God:  Freedom to trust that I will always be there for them!


Jesus:  Freedom to offer healing and forgiveness like I give them!


Holy Spirit:  Freedom to know that even when bad things happen, I will never give up on them.


God:  Freedom to be generous – even extravagant – in sharing with others.


Jesus:  Isn’t it funny that we love humanity so much, but people still live like they’re all bound up – like they need to work harder to make us love them more, or that they need to get all they can for themselves now, or they won’t have enough later on?


God:  (laugh)  People haven’t really changed much at all over the years!  Remember Adam and Eve – I gave them everything – everything – they could ever want, but it wasn’t enough – they needed the fruit of that tree!


Holy Spirit:  And when I guided Moses and the people out of slavery through the wilderness – they didn’t trust that I would give them manna to eat.  They grumbled all the way!


Jesus:  My generosity got the Jewish and Roman leaders angry with me – angry enough to have me put to death!  They couldn’t understand a king who reigned on a platform of love and service rather than law and order.  (turns to the Holy Spirit: ) Did you ever see that show, “Law and Order”? It’s not bad!


God:  (laugh) People, people, people!  Gotta love them!


Holy Spirit: It’s a big mystery of life to me why people don’t live out their freedom!  I call people to faith.  I call people live out their faith every day.


Jesus:  I tried to show them how to live out their life of faith every day.


God:  I let them know that I expect them to live out their life of faith every day.  I created them to live out their life of faith.


Jesus:  I redeemed them with my own life so that they could live out their life of faith.


Holy Spirit:  I made them my holy ones so that they could live out their life of faith – live out what they were made to be.


God, Jesus, Holy Spirit:  One God; three persons.


Jesus:  It’s still hard for people to understand isn’t it?


Holy Spirit:  What is?


Jesus:  How we could be one God and yet three persons.


Holy Spirit:  Yes – but let’s not try to help them understand it.  Let’s just help them live it.


God (to congregation):  God has created you together with all that exists.


Jesus and Holy Spirit:  We respond with thankful hearts.


Jesus (to congregation):  Jesus Christ, true God and also true human is your Lord.  He has redeemed you.


God and Holy Spirit:  We respond by loving and forgiving others as we are loved and forgiven.


Holy Spirit (to congregation):  The Holy Spirit has called you, enlightened you, made you holy, and kept you in the true faith.


God and Jesus:  We respond with humble obedience.


God:  How has this happened – one God, three persons?


Jesus and Holy Spirit:  It is the mystery of faith.


God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit:  This is most certainly true.  Amen.


2 thoughts on “Trinity Skit

  1. Thank u Pastor Jeanette. I enjoyed reading it & I believe in it. Even tho I do not attend church like I should, I still believe & try to live my life according. I was raised in St James. I attended Sunday School also sang in all the choirs growing up. Professor Shade was our Choir Director back then. Tim reminds me a lot of him. Very stern & dedicated. That makes great Choirs & St James is known for it’s excellent music programs.
    Thanks again

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