Bible Study Outline – A Bride for Isaac

As we continue our summer study of Genesis, this morning’s sermon is a Bible study sermon on Genesis 24.

Pentecost 3A – The Servant’s Task – A Bride for Isaac

Genesis 24

July 2-3, 2011


Transition story – continuation of God’s call

–          Suspense

  • Problem:  Isaac not married – promise of descendents threatened

–          Humor

  • Isaac

–          Hope

  • Jewish story of light in Sarah’s tent now rekindled

–          Faith

  • the servant
  • Rebekah – “I will go”
  • God – keeps promises


What may God be saying to us?

  • God remains faithful to promises
  • God is willing to share the burden – prayer of Eliezar; “yoke” of Matthew text
  • God is interested in all aspects of life
  • God uses all people to further his promises – used Eliezar; used Rebekah
  • Sometimes we don’t see God’s hand until later

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