More Than Enough

Pentecost 14A – What’s Enough?

Matthew 6:25-33

Isaiah 40:6-8

2 Corinthians 9:6-8

See video about Kari Olsen: “More Than Enough”


Kari is rather remarkable isn’t she?

After losing her legs what she has now is ‘more than enough’ for her.


The theme for these next few weeks is “Make It Simple.”

Kari makes it simple by recognizing that even though she has lost a lot, she has enough.

In fact, she has more than enough.

Now is when she feels whole again.

She is thankful for the surgery.

Thankful to be free of pain.

Thankful to have had her legs when she needed them.

And now when she cannot read

and she cannot walk;

she feels that her spirit is even more than it was before;

she feels free to do what God intended her to do

which is to smile and talk

and get to know the 2980 people in the church she doesn’t really know yet.

That is enough for her.

Jesus says that it is possible for all of us

to have that kind of freedom.


Worry is what stops us.

Worry about what might happen.


We only need to look to nature to see that God provides.

The lilies of the field

and the birds of the air…

neither sow nor reap…

they neither toil nor spin…

they neither invest in 401K’s nor buy a bigger nest;

and yet obviously God provides for them.



Because God is God;

and the lilies and birds are God’s creatures.

How much more will God care for us?

I read this passage from Matthew a lot

because I tend to be a worrier.

I do a lot of unnecessary things “just in case” something should happen.


I print out two copies of my sermon each week –

just in case I lose one.


I set two alarm clocks on Sunday morning –

just in case one doesn’t go off.


I’m going camping for a couple of days this week and I’ll be packing a lot more than I need…just in case:

–      rain gear and snow gear;

–      hot weather clothes and cold weather clothes;

–      extra batteries; extra towels; and an extra sleeping bag.

–      I’ll have enough food with me to get lost in the woods for a month!


I know I’m a worrier – a Murray worrier.

And that worry can affect how much I give to others.

When I’m worried about the catastrophe which may be lurking around the corner, I hold onto what I have in case of a rainy day.


That’s why I tithe.

I give 10% to the church because if I didn’t,

I know I’d convince myself that I need to hold onto more than I do.


For me, tithing is freeing.

I’m very comfortable with what I give.

It’s one less decision I need to make.

And I believe I’m doing what God asks.


Notice that the message we’ve seen may be a stewardship video,

but Kari doesn’t talk at all about giving money.

She talks about the stewardship of her other gifts –

her smile and her ability to talk with others.


Worry can prevent us from using those other gifts too.  We might think…

I sing…but maybe I’m not good enough for the choir.

I like kids…but maybe I wouldn’t be a good Sunday School teacher.

I like to knit…but the shawls the women in the prayer shawl group make look much nicer than mine.


Worry can prevent us from sharing all sorts of gifts.


Let’s make it simple.

You have been given gifts.

More than enough gifts.

Be thankful for them.

Share them.






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