Not Yet, Not Yet

   Click on link for poem by John Bell of the Iona Community with musical refrain:  14 Lord Of Life Advent 1 – Not Yet, Not Yet Mark 13:24-37 Isaiah 64:1-9 “O that you would tear open the heavens and come down!” is Isaiah’s prayer. Maybe you’ve prayed that prayer. It’s the prayer of those … More Not Yet, Not Yet

The Risk Not Taken

Pentecost 22A – The Risk Not Taken Matthew 25:14-40   This has been a heartbreaking week… The charges made inState Collegeare horrifying enough, But what has rocked the nation is that Not just one person, not just two people, But many, many people chose not to take responsibility for what was happening in front of … More The Risk Not Taken

Sinner and Saint We Are!

All Saints Sunday                                                                   6 November 2011 (Revelation 7:9-17   Psalm 34:1-10, 22   1 John 3:1-3   Matthew 5:1-12)   “Sinner and Saint We Are!” I can still see my mother coming to the back screen door, and I can hear her voice calling to all of us children playing down near the creek.  She would call, “Vic … More Sinner and Saint We Are!