Skit: Elijah and the Widow of Zarepheth

Skit:  Elijah and the Widow of Zarephath

1 Kings 17

November 11, 2012

Cast: Narrator, People, King Ahab, Elijah, Ravens, Widow, Widow’s Son (nonspeaking), God

(Narrator is up at pulpit; People are gathered around looking up at him)

Narrator:  King Ahab was an evil king.  In fact he was more evil than all the kings who came before him!

People:  What did he do?

Narrator:  He worshipped idols!

People (shocked):  Oh!!!!!!!

Narrator:  He made a sacred pole and worshipped it!

People (more shocked):  Oh my!!!!!!

Narrator:   He even built a temple to idols!

People (even more shocked):  Oh my, oh my, oh my!!!!!

Narrator:  God was angry.

(God is standing at altar)

God:  I am angry!  That Ahab has done more evil than any other king!

Narrator:  So God told his prophet Elijah what he would do to Ahab.

(Elijah walks to altar and God whispers to Elijah)

Elijah:  (nodding)  Okay, God – I’ll tell him what you said.  But he’s not going to like it.  Nope, he’s not going to like it one bit!  (calling out)  Ahab!  King Ahab!

(Elijah walks in front of altar and King Ahab comes from offstage to meet him.  Ahab is carrying an idol – statue of a bull.)

King Ahab:  What do you want?  I’m busy worshipping this idol here!

Elijah:  That’s a problem.

King Ahab:  What do you mean?

Elijah:  God doesn’t like it.  God wants you to worship God – not some statue in the shape of a cow!

King Ahab:  It’s a bull, not a cow….but what’s God going to do about it?

Elijah: God told me the plan.  There will be no more water – no rain, not even dew on the grass – until God says so.

King Ahab:  I’ll believe it when I see it!  (storms offstage)

God:  Elijah!

Elijah:  Yes God?

God: You’re my prophet – I don’t want you to thirst too!  Go to the river bed east of the Jordan River.  There you can drink the water and I will have the Ravens feed you.

Elijah:  The Ravens!  They’re my favorite football team!

God:  Not those Ravens!

Elijah:  What other kind of ravens are there?

God:  Birds Elijah!  Ravens are birds – kind of like crows!

Elijah:  (disappointedly) Oh….

Narrator:  So Elijah went to the river bed east of the Jordan River and lived there.

(Elijah walks over near baptismal font)

Elijah:  Well this isn’t so bad.  I have water here to drink, and those ravens are good cooks!

Raven 1 (wearing Baltimore Ravens shirt and with a tray like a waiter):  What would you like to eat today Elijah?

Elijah:  Well that bread and meat you served last night was so good, I think I’ll have it again this morning!

Raven 2: Fine choice!  Excellent decision!  We’ll bring it right out!

Narrator:  So Elijah lived by the river bed and the ravens fed him bread and meat every morning and every evening….every evening that is until…..

Elijah:  (wakes from sleep, stretches)  Well, that was a good night’s sleep! (looks around)  Wait!  What happened? The river bed has dried up!!!!  Where are the ravens?  What am I going to do?

God:  The river bed has dried up because there hasn’t been any rain!  But Elijah, you’re my prophet and I will take care of you.  Go to Zarapheth.  There’s a widow there who will feed you.

Elijah:  God, that doesn’t seem to be a very good plan.  Zarapheth isn’t even in Israel!  Why would anyone feed a stranger?  And a widow – you think a widow will feed me?  How could she?  Widows are the poorest people around – a widow doesn’t have anything to spare for me!

God:  Stop asking so many questions.  Just go!  You’ll see!

Narrator:  So Elijah went to Zarapheth.  Just outside the gate was a widow gathering sticks for her fire.

(Elijah walks over to near piano where widow is gathering sticks)

Elijah:  (calling out):  Excuse me!  I’m looking for a widow.  Are you a widow?

Widow (gathering sticks):   Why do you ask?

Elijah:  Because God said that a widow would feed me and I’m hungry!  Go get me a little water in a cup and bring it to me so I can drink.

Widow:  If you say so….

Elijah:  Oh, and one more thing!  Bring me back some bread too!

Widow:  Bread too?  You want bread?  Honestly I don’t have bread!   I have nothing baked, only a handful of flour in a jar, and a little oil in a jug.  That’s it!  That’s all I’ve got!  I am now gathering a couple of sticks, then I’ll  go home and prepare it for myself and my son.  After we eat these last crumbs, we’ll die!

Elijah:  Don’t be afraid!  Go and do as you have said.  But God told me to tell you to make me a little cake of it and bring it to me.  Afterwards you can make something for yourself and your son. God promises that if you do this,  the jar of flour and the jug of oil will never be emptied until the day that God sends rain on the earth.

Widow:  You better be right about this!  My son and I will die if you’re wrong!

(Elijah walks offstage while widow makes bread with the flour and oil)

Narrator:  That brave widow did as Elijah said.  And God’s promise came true!  They had plenty of flour and oil to serve bread for the whole household for many days.  But then the widow’s son became ill.

Son (lying on ground – thrashes around and then dies)

Widow: (crying)  Oh my son!  My son!  He’s dead!

Elijah:  (running to widow)  What happened?

Widow (angrily to Elijah):  What do you mean ‘what happened’?  It was you!!!  You came and reminded God of my sin and now he’s dead!

Elijah:  Give me your son.

Narrator:  Elijah carried the body of the widow’s son to the upstairs where he was staying and laid him on his own bed.

(Elijah bends over body of widow’s son)

Elijah:  O God, why have you done this?   Why did you kill the widow’s son?  This widow has been so good to me!  Why did you do it?

Narrator:  Then Elijah stretched over the widow’s son 3 times and cried out to God.

Elijah:  O God, let this child live!  O God, let this child live!  O God, let this child live!

Narrator:  God listened to the voice of Elijah!  The widow’s son became alive again!  Elijah took the child back downstairs and gave him to his mother.

Elijah:  See!  Your son is alive!

Widow:  Now I know that you are a man of God, and that the word of the Lord in your mouth is truth.

Narrator:  And God saved the widow and her son even though they were foreigners.   God showed God’s love for all people, not just the people of Israel.

People: Thank you God!


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