Seen by Christ

John 4:5-42 Jesus came to a Samaritan city… Tired from his journey, he sat by a well…  A Samaritan woman came to draw water, and Jesus said to her, “Give me a drink.” If you were to research Ancient Palestine, you’d discover that it was roughly 120 miles long – the shortest route from Judea … More Seen by Christ

Earthly Things to Heavenly Things: A Bloom’s Taxonomy Take on Faith

Grace and Peace to you from our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.  I began my undergrad at Penn State as an Agricultural Education student. One of the classes that I was required to take during that time was Educational Psychology- or EdPsych. I loved this class. It was one of my favorites at Penn State – … More Earthly Things to Heavenly Things: A Bloom’s Taxonomy Take on Faith

A Life in the Wilderness

Matthew 4:1-11 As we gather for our Midweek Lenten services this year, we’ll do so under the theme – Led by the Spirit: Stories of Faith Amidst the Wilderness.  Our gospel text for this weekend–  the inspiration for this theme and for those faith stories to be shared.  Three out of four gospel writers inform … More A Life in the Wilderness

Purposeful Power

One of my favorite books when I was in middle school – like so many others, was the Harry Potter series (I am an unashamed Hufflepuff).  I loved the story of the young Harry Potter, who receives a mysterious envelope when he turns 11, learns that he is a wizard, and attends Hogwart’s School of … More Purposeful Power

Salt Life

Matthew 5:13-20 You are the salt of the earth…  You are the salt of the earth… So, here’s my confession as the pastor of the Fastnacht church…  Ya ready?  From the time I was little, to this day, given a choice between some sweet confection or a salty snack, I’m picking the later every time.  … More Salt Life