“Only Love!”

Sixth Sunday of Easter                                                          17 May 2020 (Acts 17:22-31   Psalm 66   1 Peter 3:13-22   John 14:15-21) “Only Love!” It is hard to have a conversation these days where COVID-19 is not the center of the story.  Yet, it is a terribly uninteresting protagonist.  It has no personality of its own and no desire beyond replication … More “Only Love!”

“Better to Light one Candle than to curse the Darkness!”

Third Sunday of Easter (Creation Care)                                  26 April 2020 (Jeremiah 31:21-25   Psalm of the Cosmos   Revelation 21:21-22:5   John 12: 23-36) “It is better to Light one Candle than to curse the Darkness!” Today we are celebrating/remembering Creation Care weekend.  A few people who knew this would be the theme of our worship service today, wondered … More “Better to Light one Candle than to curse the Darkness!”

“For Me, a New Beginning!”

Second Sunday of Easter                                          19 April 2020 (Acts 2:14, 22-32   Psalm 16   1 Peter 1:3-9   John 20:19-31) “For Me, a New Beginning!” We have gotten ourselves into quite a pickle when we call Thomas the Apostle, “Doubting Thomas.”  I have always been really uncomfortable with such a simplistic and judgmental nickname.  Therefore, today I … More “For Me, a New Beginning!”

“I am Thirsty!”

Good Friday Community Service                                         10 April 2020 “I Am Thirsty!”  (John 19:28) I was at BJs Grocery Warehouse two weeks ago and I saw a man who had ten cases of water on a skid hauling it to his car. A week later I was at Kennie’s and a woman had a cart loaded down … More “I am Thirsty!”

“The Real Presence of Christ with you!!”

Maundy Thursday                                                     9 April 2020 (Exodus 12:1-4 [5-10] 11-14   Psalm 116   1 Corinthians 11:23-26   John 13:1-17, 31-35) “The Real Presence of Christ with you” The word “isolation” has become too familiar a part of our language these days.  The experience of “isolation” has touched us where it hurts the most—with those we love most dearly! … More “The Real Presence of Christ with you!!”