Pr. Sam’s Personal Story of Malaria: Part I

  MALARIA –WE CAN STOP ITS DEADLY AND DESTRUCTIVE POWER IF WE FOLLOW GODS’ WILL        Malaria the scourge that comes back frequently and regularly This is the story of how malaria was a scourge to my family in India. Malaria caused suffering and change to six of my family members while we were serving in … More Pr. Sam’s Personal Story of Malaria: Part I

Come and See

Epiphany 2A – Come and See John 1:29-42   Two disciples are following Jesus. I imagine they are several steps behind him, maybe they’re a little anxious – in any case, they are at least curious. Jesus stops and turns toward them, I think smiles at them, looks into their eyes, and then asks, “What … More Come and See