Holy Spirit Holes

Pentecost – Holy Spirit Holes Acts 2:1-21 May 22, 2010 Have you ever heard of “Holy Spirit holes”? I hadn’t either…until this week. I was at a preaching conference in Nashville, and a speaker mentioned that churches once had these “Holy Spirit holes!” They were actual holes in the roofs of churches in Rome in … More Holy Spirit Holes

That We May Be One

The Seventh Sunday of Easter 16 May 2010 (Acts 16:16-34   Revelation 22:12-14; 16-17, 20-21   John 17:20-26) “That We May Be One!” There is a story about a unique form of logging that is practiced by some villagers of the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific.  What the natives do if a tree is too large … More That We May Be One

Come to Macedonia!

Easter 6C May 8-9, 2010 Acts 16:9-15 Paul had a vision. A man was standing pleading with him, “Come to Macedonia and help us.” Sometimes it’s easier to figure out where God is calling us next than others! “Come to Macedonia and help us.”

Creation is Charged!

Fifth Sunday of Easter 1 May 2010 (Genesis 1:26–‐31 Psalm 8,1Peter1:22–‐25,Luke 8:4–‐15) “Creation Is Charged!” It was Christmas Eve, 1968. I can remember the moment as if it were yesterday! The Apollo 8 spaceship had arrived at the orbit of the moon.  The three astronauts aboard the spaceship were celebrating humanity’s magnificent achievement by reading … More Creation is Charged!