“Don’t Ever Hide That Way Again!”

Sixth Sunday of Easter                                                                                  25 May 2014 (Acts 17:22-31   Psalm 66   1 Peter 3:13-22   John 14:15-21) “Don’t Ever Hide that Way Again!” I don’t remember very many stories of getting in trouble when I was a small child, but there is one I will share with you this morning.  We were playing hide and … More “Don’t Ever Hide That Way Again!”

“Getting Directions!”

Fifth Sunday of Easter                                                                                   18 May 2014 (Acts 7:55-60   Psalm 31   1 Peter 2:2-10   John 14:1-14) “Getting Directions!” So is it really true that men never ask directions?  Could I ask for a show of hands from all the women in the room who believe this to be true?  Hmmm.  I will admit that I … More “Getting Directions!”