A look at our sins

Matthew 18:15-20 In our Gospel reading for today, at the hand of Matthew, Jesus provides us with a message about sin… specifically sin committed by a disciple (a brother or sister in Christ), and what we are to do, as individuals and as a church community, when that sin is directed towards another disciple, another … More A look at our sins

A Firm Foundation

Matthew 16:13-20 When pastors undergo some form of tragedy, it is both written and unwritten practice for their bishop to step into the picture, at times overseeing things more so than others. With this, when our synod bishop, Bishop Dunlop, called me on the phone shortly after Olivia’s death and told me that we needed … More A Firm Foundation

Fear vs. Faith

Matthew 14:22-23 Our Gospel reading for today, maybe more so than anything else, raises the topic of fear vs. faith…  Of how we as the followers of Christ maintain our faith even in the midst of life’s most fearful moments. Contextually, today’s Gospel takes place immediately after Jesus’ feeding of the five thousand, and just … More Fear vs. Faith

Christian Freedom

Matthew 10:40-42 Our Gospel reading for this morning consists of the final three verses of Matthew chapter ten, tying onto the end of our reading from last week, where if you remember, Jesus spoke to the twelve disciples of what it means to follow him… total and utter commitment… even if it means separation from … More Christian Freedom

A Family of Faith

Matthew 10:24-39, Romans 6:1b-11 As you could probably guess, the past few weeks have been a time of increased emotions for me as I have reflected on life and death, and God’s presence in it all, in a more personal way than I have before as a result of the death of my wife, Olivia. … More A Family of Faith

Lent Midweek 5

If Pastor Mike had asked me in person to do this I’m sure I would have been shocked and flattered, laughed, and then immediately said an emphatic “NO!”. And someone else would have been standing here now. However, he made the request by e-mail. I was still shocked and flattered, but I took the time … More Lent Midweek 5