To see Jesus

John 12:20-33 Last Sunday evening, I spent about two hours over at the Foltz’ house with Pastor Foltz and Faith, and a number of our young adults, around conversation and of course, around small feast as well. The question that guided our conversation centered around our Lutheran doctrine of Justification… the manner in which we … More To see Jesus

A Journey Incomplete

Transfiguration 2018 Mark 9:2-9 So today we celebrate the final day of the season of Epiphany before we enter into the season of Lent. The day our liturgical calendar deems, “The Transfiguration of Our Lord”. Our gospel text for the day, describes those events that regular church goers are all too familiar with. Jesus, along … More A Journey Incomplete

Set Free to Serve

Mark 1: 29-39 Directly following our assigned gospel reading from last week, in which Jesus drives out an unclean spirit from a man possessed in the synagogue, our gospel for this weekend continues in the story of Jesus fighting against that which we could describe as “evil”. From the synagogue, to the home of Simon … More Set Free to Serve

Come and See!

John 1:43-51 When a person senses a call to ministry in the ELCA, one of the first things they are required to do is sit before a board of people made up of members of the Bishop staff, the Bishop, pastors, and lay persons, called the Candidacy Committee in order to “prove” they are an … More Come and See!