A Firm Foundation

Matthew 16:13-20 When pastors undergo some form of tragedy, it is both written and unwritten practice for their bishop to step into the picture, at times overseeing things more so than others. With this, when our synod bishop, Bishop Dunlop, called me on the phone shortly after Olivia’s death and told me that we needed … More A Firm Foundation

Fear vs. Faith

Matthew 14:22-23 Our Gospel reading for today, maybe more so than anything else, raises the topic of fear vs. faith…  Of how we as the followers of Christ maintain our faith even in the midst of life’s most fearful moments. Contextually, today’s Gospel takes place immediately after Jesus’ feeding of the five thousand, and just … More Fear vs. Faith

“Hidden Figures!”

Ninth Sunday after Pentecost 6 August 2017 (Isaiah 55:1-5 Psalm 145 Romans 9:1-5 Matthew 14:13-21) “Hidden Figures!” [In the delivering of this sermon at St. James Lutheran Church, Gettysburg, PA, on August 6, there was an accompanying PowerPoint presentation, using the film “Hidden Figures.” Although those slides are not part of this blog, the integrity … More “Hidden Figures!”